even we dont have rights to enjoy these chrome experiments :(

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Nature and wildlife: - banned

"nature and wildlife" 
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mrdoob.com: - banned

mrdoob.com is a dating and matrimonial site??
it is one of the most technically out-standing site!
and you think its  dating and matrimonial site?!?!?!?!?

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ELECTRONICS : - banned

Electronics category????
is it even a category to block?!?!?
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IT itself banned in engineering clg, from IT department

the information and technology category?!?!?
come on!! this is an engineering college and we shouldn't study IT??
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Education banned in college!!! LOL

weird category..
"Education and Reference material"
so we are not even allowed to study!!! 
Education banned in a college?? then what should v do??
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mr:cyby pls understand our problem :(

we cant even solve captcha's :( !!
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